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kelly makeover
It's official. I'm a criminal minds addict and I'm basically in love with MGG. Bad timing!

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Y halo thar, bb. :D Where are you in CM?

:D I'm all caught up, actually! I mainlined it last week. How about you?

:( Jealous, I've only been managing an episode or two a day. I'm almost done with S1.

I miss watching it, tbh. I'm kind of sad that I'm all caught up. I do love it an irrational amount though.

I know I'll feel sad when it's over, but I can't wait to get into later episodes, especially with Rossi and Prentiss and all. I keep getting epically spoiled but all of it sounds so exciting idec. :D

I'm so happy that other people are loving it too! :D

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