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kelly makeover
I'm finally back at school after being delayed by that awful stomach flu. The trip down was so long, but unfortunately I can't sleep on trains. And apparently I'm so not into writing my thesis that I've started to write my first fic. It's a plus, but also a sign of how hard this thing is actually going to be.  I'm pretty excited about finally working on fic though! It's CM of course, but won't be terribly long. We'll see if I ever get around to posting.

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:D Well, I just started it and it's Reid and Elle centric taking place in season 2 after Jones. She tracks him down after hearing about what happened in Georgia.


Is it going to be gen?

Yep. With my first attempt at fic, I'm only going to attempt friendship. But I have lots of ideas for other pairing fics. I've just never been able to actually get anything on paper before. But now, hopefully I will. :D

lol it's the same with me! I've always failed so hard at actually writing stuff, but I started something! That will probably never be finished, but still!

It's kind of ridiculous how much I feel like I've accomplished something just by starting. :D

Inorite? I have a sort of outline! I never get this far!

Okay, don't judge me, it's mostly meant to be lolzy, but basically Reid has a crush on Rossi, but, being Reid, he doesn't know wtf to do about it, so he asks Morgan for advice. And so he gives him suggestions and little by little the rest of the team starts to join in and add their own thoughts and Reid hilariously fails up all of them and Rossi is just confused and "..."s him the whole time.

I have no clue how it's going to end yet. :D:

(It was inspired by discussion of that epic Reid/Rossi fic where Rossi gives Reid flowers.)

:DDDDDDDDDDD I love it! You were one of the memers I was having that discussion with? :D As long as it's closer to being in character than most of the other fics out there (which it totally sounds like it is) i'm sure it'll be awesome.

In the MGG vid where he's nervous about the kissing scene he totally goes to all the other cast members to ask for advice and they give him completely different things. So your story is true to life as well!

YYYY! The image of Reid giving Rossi flowers on Morgan's advice (and getting "..."'d for it) was too good to pass up.

It didn't help that I watched the Season 3 special features today and there's one that's a profile of Rossi and at one point either MGG or AJ Cook (I can't remember, it might have been both) was like "Yeah, Reid kind of has a crush on Rossi." :D:

The part of all this that I'm worried about is getting Reid's voice right. :(

I need to see the special features! :D

I'm worried about that too. I haven't yet attempted to write his dialogue, but I'm pretty sure that's going to be the hardest part.

You need to watch them so you can help me understand wtf was going on in this one deleted scene :(

And yeah, I'm probably going to have to do research just to be able to get the essence of ~Reid~ right. Which is lol.

I'll have to find the dvds somewhere.

As for the research, at least I can justify rewatching episodes to myself now. :D:

On Reid-voice: you end up using Google about every five minutes to look up more random facts.

lol, I just started writing my first attempt at fic ever for CM too. :D It's a sickness.

Halo thar, bb!
Inorite? I think it's crazy that an FBI procedural is finally the thing that inspired me to start writing fic. But I'm not complaining. :D

I know! I'm having fun coming up with a case for them. I'm not trying to do anything shippy yet either.

I am so excited for all of this fic. :DDDD (lol says the CM n00b who will totally not even be able to read it yet. D:)

Tbqh part of the reason I started watching CM was because some memer linked to a Reid/Dinozzo fic and I wanted to read it so bad.

That was me! Well getting it from the rec list, but I brought it up on meme. :D

Lol seriously? I was the memer who asked you to ll, so obviously we've had some pretty intense meme interaction. :P It's just sitting in my bookmarks waiting for me to finish CM. IL NCIS like burning. :DDD

:DDDDDDDDDD That's awesome! IL NCIS as well. I watched it pretty faithfully the first couple seasons, but haven't kept up with it as much lately but &Ziva; :D

Yeah, I lost track of it for a while after the season with Tony's French girlfriend, but it still shows up on my Tivo so I watch it sometimes. Usually when meme is freaking out extra hard over it.

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