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kelly makeover
I'm finally back at school after being delayed by that awful stomach flu. The trip down was so long, but unfortunately I can't sleep on trains. And apparently I'm so not into writing my thesis that I've started to write my first fic. It's a plus, but also a sign of how hard this thing is actually going to be.  I'm pretty excited about finally working on fic though! It's CM of course, but won't be terribly long. We'll see if I ever get around to posting.

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I need to see the special features! :D

I'm worried about that too. I haven't yet attempted to write his dialogue, but I'm pretty sure that's going to be the hardest part.

You need to watch them so you can help me understand wtf was going on in this one deleted scene :(

And yeah, I'm probably going to have to do research just to be able to get the essence of ~Reid~ right. Which is lol.

I'll have to find the dvds somewhere.

As for the research, at least I can justify rewatching episodes to myself now. :D:

On Reid-voice: you end up using Google about every five minutes to look up more random facts.

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