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kelly makeover
I'm finally back at school after being delayed by that awful stomach flu. The trip down was so long, but unfortunately I can't sleep on trains. And apparently I'm so not into writing my thesis that I've started to write my first fic. It's a plus, but also a sign of how hard this thing is actually going to be.  I'm pretty excited about finally working on fic though! It's CM of course, but won't be terribly long. We'll see if I ever get around to posting.

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I am so excited for all of this fic. :DDDD (lol says the CM n00b who will totally not even be able to read it yet. D:)

Tbqh part of the reason I started watching CM was because some memer linked to a Reid/Dinozzo fic and I wanted to read it so bad.

That was me! Well getting it from the rec list, but I brought it up on meme. :D

Lol seriously? I was the memer who asked you to ll, so obviously we've had some pretty intense meme interaction. :P It's just sitting in my bookmarks waiting for me to finish CM. IL NCIS like burning. :DDD

:DDDDDDDDDD That's awesome! IL NCIS as well. I watched it pretty faithfully the first couple seasons, but haven't kept up with it as much lately but &Ziva; :D

Yeah, I lost track of it for a while after the season with Tony's French girlfriend, but it still shows up on my Tivo so I watch it sometimes. Usually when meme is freaking out extra hard over it.

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