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kelly makeover
So instead of actually writing my thesis, I'm avoiding work with TV! I just made my roommate watch this week's Psych (she's never seen an episode before) and I've converted her to CM. She's in love with it already, and we're currently watching L.D.S.K. \o/

I have to stop sucking other people into TV shows. They always end up loving them but slightly annoyed that I've given them something else to procrastinate with. :D:

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I'm casually trying to get some of my frands into it but they are not being receptive. THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE MISSING :(

Watching L.D.S.K. is never wrong.

We watched up through the end of Derailed tonight. I think that might actually be one of my favorite episodes. Morgan is so ridiculously protective of Reid and the bit where Reid is all "Yes, I'm talking about a magic trick!" makes me lol every time. :D

Oh man, I love that one! Il all overprotective Morgans and Reids who save the day. :D I also love when he's like "Could at least one of you act like you're going to see me again?" They're all protective of him. :D

But LDSK is the PERFECT episode to watch after watching Psych. It's got the anti-Lassie in it!

It really was perfect! She thought it was pretty fun by the end, too. :D

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